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The original program in 1976 was given in Telugu and was for two years with new students accepted every two years. In August 1980, the school began accepting students and having graduations every year. In August 1986, it began accepting students every six months. In 1991, a three-year English medium school with 19 students was opened. This allowed permitted students from the other 23 states of India who speak different local languages. Because it is very difficult to earn a living as a preacher, the school also teaches five trades. The trade school, named the Carl Technical School, offers electrical wiring, typing, tailoring, TV & radio repair and computers. Students get training for one hour a day.

Over the years there have been several building programs. One was in 1985 and another in 1987.In 1993, a new library was constructed, the David Jones Library. The library has room for 20,000 volumes but currently has only 5,000 counting Telugu and English. Raising funds for these schools expansions has always been difficult, but with God's help the work has been completed. Other structures that exist are the Bill Hayes Building, the Lyons Building and the Flatt Building. Several purchases for equipment have also been made over the years including vehicles, a copier, computers, a generator and others. All these items have been purchased through contributions from the USA and other countries in the name of Preachers'  Training School.

The school now graduates about 72 preachers every year. The leading graduate receives the Carl Hutchison Merit Scholarship. From August 1976 through May 2009, 944 preachers have graduated from the school and established over 1000 churches. Because the new preachers start new congregations, the school supports them including bicycles and lanterns until their congregation is large enough to support them. There are currently 60 graduates working with 105 congregations that are still being supported by the school. Counting only people baptized by members of the school during campaigns and the graduates still under support, there have been 18,438 baptisms through May 2009. The number baptized after the graduates their full support elsewhere is unknown. The school also sponsors many evangelism activities.

Currently there are 20 people on the faculty and staff of the school. This includes the director, teachers, cooks, a computer operator and other office staff, technical staff, library staff and others. The students live on campus and are fully supported by the school for $50 per month. Two people must recommend potential students. Fathers of the students must sign a legal document that they will reimburse the school if the student does not complete the training. Students range in age from 20 to 40 and must temporarily leave their families, including their wife and children. In 2000 three Burmese students from the Chinese border have been accepted. They will return to China to teach after graduation. The school can teach and house up to 170 students but is limited to 110 this year. From 1976 until 2000, the church of Christ in Humboldt had oversight for the work. Since 2000, the Northeast Church of Christ has had oversight.

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